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I assume you're here to either create real change, a deeper sense of meaning to your life - or to become a top-level certified coach.
Either way you’ve come to the right place on the Internet as I am here to help you create that change for yourself and others. I am here to help you get a profession and a life you love.
Welcome to my website, where I hope you'll find resources that inspire your next step in life. Enjoy!

Worked side by side with Tony Robbins for 6 years

 Certified >7500 coaches

Bestselling author with >250.000 copies sold

Leading danish entrepreneur

20 years
with Sofia

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We all do!

It all started with a dream​

At the age of 24 I attended a course with Tony Robbins in California. After the course I was chosen to join his coaching staff and I spent 6 amazing years working for Tony, coaching his international clients.

At age 30 I modeled my way of coaching into six steps and authored a book about it. I returned to Denmark and introduced Coaching, not just as method but as a way of approaching life. The book became a bestseller defining what Coaching is really about.

Coaching is so much more than setting and achieving your goals. It is a truly powerful method that along with a range of tools and skills help people make important decisions about their work, relationships, dreams and ambitions - their entire lives. Coaching is life changing.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been training more than 7.500 coaches in Denmark and as my coach training is internationally approved at the highest level through ICF I am now making it globally available in English.

​20 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of this, but I can honestly say that coaching has given me a profession and a life I love. It has for thousands of people. It can for you too.




This book introduces you to Sofia Manning's Six Steps coaching model. Through real-life, straightforward examples, you'll learn how to coach others, create genuine outcomes and make a meaningful difference.

Throughout the book, Sofia shares insights from her own life and over 25 years of professional coaching, serving as a powerful guide and a profound source of inspiration to pursue and achieve the life you dream of—just as it has done for hundreds of thousands of readers.

​Get inspired. Get your copy of the book today.

Coaching is a journey to Personal Evolution  

Coaching is a toolbox. You don’t become a psychologist or a doctor.
Instead, you become someone who can achieve results by asking the right questions.

You can apply my 6-step coaching method to your situation.
It is a method proven and refined through 20 years of certifying more than 7500 coaches.


We all have similar feelings

  • Are you longing to make a difference? 

  • Do you dream of a meaningful work life?
  • Are you struggling with your work-life balance?
  • Are you tired of not spending your life on what you really want to do with it?
  • ​You are not alone - we all have similar feelings.

Taking the first step is a huge personal step filled with anxiety and limiting beliefs. In Sofia's community you are surrounded by us, who want to take the first step and many of us managed to do it. We strive towards our dreams through self development and the 6 coaching principles.

My coaching certification is the highest ranked Scandinavia lead education.

It will work for you too

Thank for an absolutely fantastic journey. I have been greatly challenged but I always felt safe in Sofias environment and with the coaches. I am inspired and motivated. This is the best investment I have ever made in me, for my life and in my business.

- Joan Kjær Rødtness

Enrolling in the coaching education was the greatest gift I could’ve given myself.
I have learned so much about myself, gained new perspectives and I learned to master operational tools that I look forward applying in my life. Thank you!

- Sven Buster

This education had a MASSIVE influence on me. I have learned so much about myself and other people. Now I am capable of coaching and I can now help other people, which has been my life long dream. This is HUGE. Thanks for everything!

- Frederikke Bohr 

Education from Northern Europe's oldest, most experienced and proven coaching organization

Be a certified coach

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Scandinavia’s #1 Coaching Education

ICF certified coaching education

Coaching is about what we do with our lives. This program is designed to kick-start your career, improve your business and make a world of difference in your life. Our results with over 7500 satisfied clients says it all.

  • ​Ability to change​: Mentoring from highly experienced coaches,
  • Achieve your true dreams: Through a serious and professional education,
  • ​ICF level 2 certification: A serious, thorough, and professional education,

Hi, this is Tony Robbins

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I am here to inspire you to believe in your ability to change and empower you to act on achieving your dreams.

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