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Sofia Manning

Sofia is Denmarks answer to the coaching discipline. After a six-year apprenticeship as a coach with the renowned Tony Robbins in the USA, Sofia returned home in 2001 and founded Denmark's very first coaching program.

Since launching her coaching program, she started her business, became a true entrepreneur and a bestselling author, publishing 6 books and has appeared on stages, podcasts and TV programs.

In 2013 Sofia and her husband Jonas realized their dream and moved to Andalucía, Spain to start farming olive oil and wine. Today, they still live in Spain with their children Morgan and Zoe, and Sofia is more than ever motivated to help you realise your potential and dreams through her coaching principles.

Highlights of

Sofia Manning

Sofia grew up in Denmark with a Swedish mother, a Danish father and her brother. Her brother died suddenly, and life took a dramatic turn. This sparked Sofia’s interest in self-development and NLP. At the time, one of the biggest names on that scene was Tony Robbins.

Sofia took work at a bakery to save money for a journey to California and a seminar with Tony Robbins. Chance was, that when that seminar took place, Tony had just come across Coaching and Tony was on fire about its potential to rock people's worlds. That turned out to be life-changing for Sofia. In a mix of being highly motivated and extremely persistent, Sofia made the cut for a bootcamp designed for electing coaches and trainees.

1999 - 2005

Tony Robbins

Sofia made it as a part of the Tony Robbins team, and being from Europe, Sofia was quickly designated to manage all International Coaching Clients for Tony Robbins at a very young age. Sofia stayed with Tony Robbins for six happy, hardworking and life-learning years until she decided to go back to Denmark and introduce her home country to the world of coaching.


Launched my first coaching education

In 2001, Sofia founded Denmark's very first coaching program. For a few years, the seminars in Denmark were pushed into the calendar together with international clients, working side by side with Tony Robbins and his team of coaches.


Bestselling book "Coaching"

Sofia published her book “COACHING”. It became a record selling book within weeks. It was highly sought after by not only the pioneers of the coaching world but leaders and management teams as well. Using the 6-step model to renew their leadership approach. The principles were also in high demand by anyone who wanted to take control of their life, who wanted personal freedom and who wanted to help others improve their lives.



Based on her experience from coaching international clients, Sofia made her own six step coaching model, and before she knew it, she was all over TV and magazines and giving talks to business leaders all over the country. Sofia’s Six Step Coaching Model proved extremely efficient and easy to integrate in all walks of life and business and her Coach Training has been market leading in Denmark ever since being introduced.


Andalucia (Spain)

Sofia uprooted herself and changed her life once again in 2014 when moving with her family to Southern Spain, Andalusia. Together with her husband Jonas, formerly a journalist, radio host and TV presenter, they have restored an old olive oil mill and established a vineyard.


Going International

Sofia’s next chapter is offering her coaching skills, her life lessons and her certified coach training as an online training available to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world - but most of all specifically to you. Who wants to take control of your life, who wants to reach for personal freedom and who wants to help others improve their lives - while adding meaningful purpose to your own life and work.

Coaching creates positive changes in your life and enables you to create positive change for others

Coaching is a toolbox. You don’t become a psychologist or a doctor. Instead, you become someone who can achieve results by asking the right questions.

The program is designed to kick-start your career, improve your business and make a world of difference in your personal life. More than anything else, our clients are heard: One of our clients represents everything by saying "It’s a heavenly experience to sit and be so intense behind a screen and get so much out of it personally as well.”

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Sofia behind the scenes, join the weekly live coaching and feel our community and engagement.


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Coaching is for me too

A private and professional boost

I have been so happy to attend the coach education program. Both privately and professionally, I have gained the tools to be able to have completely different conversations with other people and myself.

- Trine

Setting the Gold Standard in Coaching Certification Worldwide

Accredited ICF training program, get your personal mentor, get monthly 1 on 1 coaching & feedback, join a highly valuable international network.

Sofia Manning offers an accredited ICF training program which meets the highest educational requirements for an ICF Credential. All trainers and coaches are ICF approved and have thousands of hours of practical coaching experience.

  • ​International approved Certificate: From Sofia Mannings accredited ICF training program.
  • Personal mentor: Receive 10 hours personal mentoring included.
  • 1 on 1 feedback: Monthly 1 on 1 feedback session with your personal high level coach and mentor.
  • ​International network: Lifelong! We take care of you forever at absolutely no cost.

Sofia Manning offers an accredited ICF training program which meets the highest educational requirements for an ICF Credential. All trainers and coaches are ICF approved and have thousands of hours of practical coaching experience.