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"Creating the profession and the life you love”

Coaching is about what we do with our lives.

My book "COACHING" introduces my 6 Steps coaching method, which is widely recognised as the classic form of coaching in Scandinavia.

The 6 Steps is an effective method that create results in the real world - whether you want to achieve significant change, a new mission or perhaps a deeper sense of meaning. Or whether you want to take the next step in your personal leadership? Or perhaps change career?

The 6 step method is the very foundation of my level 1 & 2 ICF accredited coaching education. 


Hundreds of thousands copies sold

Scandinavias leading and bestselling coaching book

Fundation of Sofias 6 step process

Coaching is

What we do with our lives, and how we create a change for yourself and others, to create the profession and the life you love.

This book
tells you how to
turn it into reality.

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Truly inspiring book that help me frame the next step with my career. I also ended up using the 6 steps in relation to my teenage son. This works!

- Kasper Witzke, entrepreneur

COACHING is about you

Creating the profession and the life you love

A third of your live are spent working.

You don't need to be an entrepreneur to pursue your dream. You can be, but a lot of my students are in companies trying to figure out their next step. 
COACHING gives you the direction and the 6 step method to pursue the profession and life you love. 

2024 is about you, your profession and your love

>50% consider leaving their job within the next year

Most of us don't know how to take the first step

Limiting beliefs is the no. 1 reason for not pursuing our dreams

>80% of millennials have experienced burnout at their job

Get inspired with "COACHING"

My book is proven through hundreds of thousands copies sold.
The 6 steps is the very essence of my coaching education.
The framework shows you how to create the profession and life you love”

Sofia Manning


  • Proven method: Hundreds of thousands copies sold
  • Foundation: The 6 step method and thousands of 5 star reviews
  • Essence: Adresses how to creating the profession and the life you love